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Lone Silver Uchiha Edit

Sunai Uchiha lived/* in the Uchiha Village within the moon country she was skilled in the arts of her people but didn't desire conflict worshiping and at the same time fearing Omikane as her guardian deity. Sunai Uchiha learned medical Ninjutsu as well as the common fire release that her clan had passed down through generations. While running through the country side she came across a silver haired man that had been wounded. Sunai absolutely despised violence and couldn't turn away from seeing someone hurt and in need of her medical ninjutsu so she went to aid the man. As she got their she noticed shinobi's dead on the floor and the man was unconscious who had likely killed them. She helped the man up to a near by abandon cottage that had been left alone for some time she had began mending his chakra and stitching up his wounds. For days this man had slept in the cottage she would always return to visit him and on one day he would be awake. From tending to his wounds and carrying his equipment in she had discovered that this man had been a samurai and a shinobi killer at that so she knew she couldn't tell anyone of her secret. As the man woke up they exchanged pleasantry and the man thanked the women for saving him. The two talked about many things every day, and eventually a spark of romance and love kindled between them. On one such night that the moon was at it's highest the two engaged in a intimate night. It had been a year since the man had stayed in the cottage Sunai's daily life in the village had vanished as she devoted most her time to helping the samurai. One evening as she was leaving her village to go to the samurai one of her friends had followed her, sneaking around she would discover the truth and report Sunai to the village head. As Sunai headed back to the village that night she was brought before a few Uchiha and accused of betraying the Uchiha in aid of a samurai that the shinobi's that had been killed were Uchiha and she had aided in their deaths by recusing their killer. Sunai begged and plead for a pardon, yet the Uchiha would only be satisfied is she would return to the cottage and kill the samurai and so she ran to the cottage to ask the man for help. Yet as sunai arrived at the cottage she discovered the man had vanished leaving her to her fate. As she returned to the village she was beaten but as they discovered she had been pregnant they decided to spare her life casting her out of the village. Sunai returned to the cottage that she had kept the samurai. She preyed to Omikane to save her, that she was only following his teaching of peace. However, no god ever came for her, she was alone and she eventually had her child with the help of kind Uchiha women who cared enough to help her give birth to the child, but after they were forced never to speak to her again by their husbands. She named the boy Kenchi and though she had not realized it Omikane did indeed bless her with a boy that would not be a challenge to raise. Kenchi as a baby was quiet, never crying nor giving his mother a hard time. He wasn't picky nor wanted for allot it was almost as if she was spared the hardships of being a single mother as if the god himself had taken care of the boy. As the boy grew up he would work, help his mother in all things, however the mother didn't see him as a blessing when she looked at him, silver eyes, grey hair, the look of his father she was reminded of the man who had betrayed him whose name she made forbidden to ever say so Kenchi never knew the name of his father. Eventually her loneliness turned into hate blaming the child that she was forced to have. Casting her love and preys for Omikane aside she would shout in the air that the god had been unkind to her and blamed him for all her downfalls. She began beating and cruelly punishing Kenchi nearly killing him. Sunai Uchiha had attempted to murder her own child in a fit of rage, however, in a work of Omikane she had slipped the blade fell towards the child whom had already had some cuts from his mothers attempts of murder. She raced after the blade but Kenchi would pick it up, and look to his mother not wanting to hurt her, but couldn't help but want to live, stabbing it into her heart he would pull it out several times stabbing her over 20 times his Sharingan activating and saving his life. Soon after he was found wondering the forest by a Ninja of the leaf village and was brought to Konoha. When he was found the ninja's were hesitate on approaching the hostile boy that had been tossed into a fit of survival instincts. The Sharingan still active it took the shinobi rendering him unconscious to take him to Konaha. The doctors took care of his physical injures and the trauma of his mental state became nightmares the boy had suppressed. Growing up in the Uchiha District was difficult as he didn't have any parents to teach him the jutsu that would otherwise be passed down to him. Additionally he couldn't manifest the sharingan nor did he have any memory of unlocking it to have killed his mother. Given a katana he would train his skills with Kenjutsu and was excelling at the art making up for his lack of ninjutsu. Entering the academy when he was 15, a much later year then most due to his lack of confidence in his own abilities.


Life in Konaha Edit

Kenchi is often shy or anti social but from time to time he comes across people he finds interesting enough to ponder his curiosity if he doesn't he often minds his own business.

Meeting a young women Shadmaru he realized he wanted to become a Genin though he didn't have any truly reason for wanting it just yet, he knew however she was strong and wanted to achieve strength so that he wouldn't fear his own nightmares when he sleeps in that same day he'd look across seeing a man who had a grim cold look upon his face a look that Kenchi shares when he is alone looking upon his reflection. Kenchi hated this face and hates those that have it including himself.

Soon after he'd meet a young women named Jema a Genin who aspired to be a teacher at the academy it was the first girl he had ever really flirted with though he was likely unaware he was doing so strongly. Becoming quite fond of her he began rooting for her at the Chunnin Exam she had attended. She taught him of the God Hachihman and the ways of their religion giving him a book to study on, he intended to eventually get to it to see why she devoted her life to this god. After speaking to her he understood that he knew very little of the culture of Konaha and it's people. To the very same end he would meet with the leader of the very same religion Mizaki who he would gain much insight in the religion interested him as it could be a place he belongs to as he didn't feel as though he belonged in the Uchiha clan.

Academy Life Edit

Known students to attend school with Kenchi Uchiha

  • Ochigura 'Ogre-chan'
  • Mukuro Uchiha
  • Meisa
  • Toushiro
  • Tenjiro Hyuuga
  • Azaki
  • Shuichi Yuki

While attending Konaha academy Kenchi is often in the back of class quietly observing and taking each lesson to heart as it's the only form of mentoring he's received. He studies his books thoroughly and exams each piece carefully before moving to the next course. He would meet people in class such as Mukuro, shinderu, and Meisa but he wouldn't really have a relationship with any of them. For what he understood is they really only attended class together and that didn't make them friends or comrades just students who shared the same class.

Team Building Exercise Edit

Lead by a teacher named Anzu the class was given a course of Team building that would take place in the forest in the land of fire just outside of the village. Kenchi was late and stood out because of his tardiness but eventually blended in as the class continued. Given the choice between which team he joined he picked Mukuro's team over Azaki's team. The exercise was to follow your team captain's orders and recover a scroll that was kept safe by the other teams members. The scroll was given to Meisa to protect and the plan was to maintain higher ground and wait till the enemy attacked them. However, plans went into disarray when the other team wasn't attacking and a third scroll was tossed to the center of the battlefield. Kenchi leaped down towards the scroll and engaged Ochigura, a barbaric looking women, in combat. Kenchi charged in utilizing his Sword Art; Silver Flash Jutsu however she had blocked it to counter, with a blow Kenchi knew how strong she was and was clearly outmatched yet again by another shinobi, however, refusing to give up he had turned his attack before hitting the ground into his Uchiha Swirl kick and countered landing a blow on her, The battle continued for a short period before the scroll was tossed behind him and he attempted to catch the scroll however his speed wasn't fast enough to catch it before their team picked it up, using a smoke bomb he retreated and regrouped with Asuga, who admittedly he despised, and supported her attacks as best he could in order to overpower Tenjiro. Tenjiro had dropped the scroll but the match was concluded before Asuga got to the scroll and so the enemy team had won and kenchi's team had lost. Having approached Mukuro who had been sitting on the floor in defeat he had explained that he felt that they lost because of Kenchi's lack of team work and inability to work with the rest of the group. Mukuro assured him that it was instead they were outmatched but Kenchi wasn't convinced he wasn't the cause of the defeat and wanted to learn more of working as a team, the two left back to the village together but eventually went their separate ways.

Battle Exercise Edit

In a class lead by Anzu the purpose of this course was to gage each individuals power. The class must participate in a tournament of mortal combat. Kenchi was excited as this was a chance to show Jema the fruits of his labor. The group gathered at the village gate and the first round began with Azaki Vs Kenchi. The battle began with Kenchi cutting a smoke bomb to create a screen of cloud. Kenchi bolted for her leaping towards her throwing a kunai towards her for her to dodge both the kunai and the blade, she then attempted to fire a gust of wind release to him, Kenchi backed out weaving hand signs for lightning while she backed towards the pier. Kenchi would leap towards her creating a splash and then using that splash he would send lightning towards the water to shock her. As Azaki was struck she would have numbness in her body, Kenchi used this to get close to her throwing another smoke screen to get behind her and attack, she dived into the water with lightning around her shocking her, the battle was called and Kenchi Was victorious.. this marked his first win ever. The second battle was not as glorious for he faced off against a young genin named Tenjiro Hyuuga who Kenchi remembered that his face was as cold as ice and reminded him when he was alone. Kenchi hated Tenjiro's face and wanted to wipe that look off him. Charging in he would be immediately outmatched with Tenjiro's physical prowess and speed. Kenchi would send attack after attack only for Tenjiro to dodge or block it. Being struck with an air palm, kenchi would keep his distants wearing down his dojutsu however when tenjiro ran towards Kenchi, kenchi had no choice but to charge in, being struck with another air palm he would get a hit smack on tenjiro's face, to then slash tenjiro's face wanting only to wound him if only slightly. Tenjiro finished him off with 16 palms. Kenchi ended up in the hospital to recover from his injures lucky nothing permanent was damaged.

Academy Graduation Edit

Eventually Kenchi's skills far outclass a students skills as his power level had increased from putting his body through tournament after his defeat with Tenjiro he had become so fixated on reaching his height. Kenchi trained as the sun came up till the sun went down, till the sun came up his chakra having been pushed to the brink of their limits he was going off sheer will power and adrenaline. Having spoken to Jema and Meisa his goal only become more pushed as he never wanted Jema to see him loose. Kenchi fought through vicious pain with each swing of his katana. His hands felt numb as if they were broken covered in bruises, scrapes, and blisters that had popped and became bloody. His body was still in pain from Tenjiro's assault and his legs felt as though they carried the weight of the world and it was about to crumble. Eventually Jema moved in close to Kenchi's face were he would be fixated on her lips, confused and distracted. Jema blew out some purple gas that would knock Kenchi out when he woke up he was in a strange bed he saw Jema walking around the house but didn't have the guts to approach her, she was gone out the house allot so Kenchi used the books she had laying around the house to study and heal. He wouldn't be bed ridden to long thanks to Jema's medcine but he would just travel to the library to study more, when he had fully healed he showed the jounin teaching academy course that day the length of his training and the jounin was in shock of how far he had come in a short time giving him his headband and upgrading his status as a Genin shinobi.

Views on History Edit

While injured within Jema's home he managed to find some history text books located in her house, he also left and returned back to recover more, since he couldn't train his body he would lay down in her home and learn about the world around him his thoughts of history would change his outlook on the world and things in many ways.

World Mythology Edit

Kenchi discovered that it was the samurai's duty to fullfill missions for their fudual lords in time of old. He figured that those in power will always abuse the strong and utalize them as weapons for their own ambitions.

Kenchi began reading of Hachiman and the creation of Ninjutsu he payed close attention to it as this was Jema's religion and wanted to invest time learning of her beliefs. What Kenchi discovered however was not what he expected that this god in the mythos that is written is the reason for Ninjtusu creation yes but the calamity that followed after ninjutsu's creation were all his doing. Conflicted as he had considered the fudal lords greedy and so they deserved to die sure but the ones that took over after did more terrible things he wondered if this was the cycle of humans to kill each other in the pursuit of power to then die by another seeking the same goal. Perhaps he wondered if Ninjutsu really was evil and questioned the morality of many things he had read in the passage. As he read the creation of the tailed beast was a result of the punishment dealt to Hachiman by Enki his father he believed that gods have used this earth as their playground... that lives lost is merely a lost thought in their eyes, not even a number that these great beings perhaps maybe could love humanity but their actions doom it. As Kenchi would learn that the father god Enki cast the world aside he thought perhaps that is what was best but then he shook his head and thought that time and time again humanity has shown themselves to abuse people, harm people, perhaps maybe it wasn't the gods fault but humanities fault for misusing the power given to them. Kenchi believed that Omnikane, despite being the reason his people were cursed, was a kind and benevolent god and truly despised war. Kenchi would think that he enjoyed training, but he didn't think he'd enjoy killing someone... he would if had to, but he wouldn't like it he thought. Hachihaman cursed his followers with marks while Omoikane blessed those that followed him with sage powers. Kenchi would consider Omikane more favorable then Hachiman and could relate him much more. As he discovered this he was disappointed that he could not agree with what Jema believed in then again he would think he needs to learn fully of her belief perhaps it's similar to his own but only time would tell. As he learned that despite their love for one each other even they were forced into battle due to Hachiman's rule. Kenchi shook his head at disappointment that even Hachiman wasn't able to dismiss the greed of mankind and was corrupted by it...

World History Edit

Kenchi discovered the roots of the world timeline and how things came to be in the year of 600 finding that conflict had pretty much began this world. Kenchi believed that this world will always see conflict as it was began as such. He made a mental note that the samurai came before the shinobi's and not wanting to be out done the samurai's perhaps wanted to dominated them and show their superiority... That was a loosing battle kenchi would think.

History of The Land of Wind Edit

Kenchi would read of the land of wind discovering that it was once a empire that had been seized by war and then taken over by nomads and then more bloodshed and war followed. He believed this violence only breeds more violence now he doesn't think every problem can be solved with killing people, you kill one person someone else is going to want to kill you. He couldn't believe that ninjutsu increased the war but he supposed he could see that happening overall. Kenchi would shake his head at the state of the land of wind compared to how it used to be... he thought he really didn't sand all that much either.

History of Uchiha Edit

Kenchi believed Tekka was a fool, that he only sought to control his people and that is why he desired not to have them study Ninjutsu. Discovering Mangekyo was that name of performers made him realize were the name Mangekyo Sharigan came from. It was hard to believe for him that his entire people, the ones whom utilize chakra, came from performers. He wasn't too surprised that Tekka would be betrayed by his people, he thinks that is something he would of done if he had a foolish leader. As Tekka met his end Kenchi would figure that it was due to genjutsu the dancers had performed he wondered if this was a mercy kill as he never got to see it coming. Omoikane cursed the Uchiha clan and was their deity for the betrayal of their people Kenchi wondered if this was a just action. Is it the longing and pursuit for power that they were cursed or was it rather that they killed their kin... Perhaps Uchiha are not meant to kill Uchiha or they will be cursed by Omikane. Kenchi discovered that it isn't him that has trouble revealing his affectionate traits he wonders if he could ever get close to Jema with such a handicap. "When an object of their affection is lost, an uchiha's love can turn into hatred." Kenchi would ponder that sentence in great detail as he would think of Jema and what would he do if he lost her, the thought angered him, he shook his head and vowed not to let that happen. Strength over loss, but strength that was not worth it, kenchi would think of loosing a loved one. Kenchi would think that if he had to loose someone precious to him to awaken his dojutsu then it can just stay asleep. Moon country, he would think, that must be where his mother and him lived together... he wondered how it would look, he can't seem to remember it... it's good that the uchiha have a home... but we slaughtered the samurai to get it... hate only brings more hate... when will they slaughter us he would ponder... Yuki's and Uchiha's fought... that must be why I am cursed to battle them today he would think as he read of the allied with Jetsuki and Uzumaki clans against the Yuki's. An honor to be a shinobi that is what my people think- he closes his eyes as he drifts on into thought... he wouldn't care what his people thought.

History of The First Clan War (Y300-312) Edit

Kenchi shook his head at the fact that a war was caused do to lingering hatred of another war. Isn't the point of peace to let bygones be bygones... or is it more difficult then that he ponders... He read that the Uchiha had invaded the Senju capital and he wondered if his people are all blood thirsty. Taiji Uchiha, he would think as he read through the passage, he must of been a vicious and powerful man to rally the uchiha under his fearsome power. Kenchi's eyes widen as he reads that Uchiha slaughtered the children and the people trying to protect them... this wasn't a war he would think instead it was a genocide. He believed that the Senju clan probably hated the appearance of the Sharingan by sight... after all look what it did to them. Kenchi wanted to be that strong, like Uchiha Taiji, that he could be surrounded by powerful men and still smile in the face of it, because he knew he was invincible.. no reinforcements could change the course of his power, he was near godlike. As the battle began with the Uchiha and Uzumaki he wondered what a battle like that would entail, a battle between godlike shinobi's... he basked in the marvel of such a fight but knew it was out of his grasp entirely. It was a shame history text doesn't know the full story but then again books are written by people... and the people decide what is history he learned. He thought it was cowardly of the Jetsuki to wait for the other clans to become weak to try their grasp for power... he shook his head thinking that it was smart but cowardly..

History of Iron Country Edit

Kenchi would wonder who would assassinate Ookami Jetsuki and what purpose would they have to doing so... He knew Uchiha to be the murderous kind so he figured it was his own people shrugging his shoulder at how the world could be. He makes a mental note that it will be near impossible for him to make it to iron country. Samurai he wondered however lived in the Iron Country, he desired to see the samurai's. Kenchi thought the Jetsuki were truly mysterious who stayed to themselves.

History of Restaurant Country Edit

Kenchi makes a mental note to visit restaurant country to eat. Kenchi would find it oddly relieving that the Senju have a history of violence and a tyrannical senju leader, Sesshimaru probably would of died at the hands of an Uchiha he would think, he took pride in that. He's glad to read that it is restored as a food capital. He looks at the gods name Omikane once more, remembering that the deity had cursed his people he wondered if it was possible to remove the curse but shook his head and agreed it was not likely.

History of Whirlpool Country Edit

Would make a mental note to be careful with the country whirlpool as it is the home of the Uzumaki and they had bad blood in the clan war. Found it fascinating that the Uzumaki clan is more of a naval force then a ground force like the other clans. He makes a mental note that Yuki's and Uzumaki's are more natural enemies then that of Uchiha.

History of Stone Country Edit

He learned that people in powers often abuse that power to take from the people and ruin lives. He thinks that he could be in that situation at any moment should the hokage decide to become like a tyrannical leader. He vowed he would not let someone like that lead him.

History of Hive Country Edit

Kong Aburame, another tyrant he would think, histroy seems to be filled with these type of people he figured that this is why our history was so filled with bloodshed. Kenchi figured that maybe it was best for a people to be led by the people and not one person selfish goals... he wondered if that was the way to obtain peace but he couldn't be sure it seemed to work more for the Aburame clan, but he would assume that not all things will repeat themselves.

History of Lightning Country Edit

From learning of the lightning countries history of betrayal Kenchi was convinced that those that worshiped different faiths only doom themselves to much more conflict as they will have to face off against other

History of Herb Country Edit

Makes a mental note that herb country has the greatest plants, herbs, and natural materials.


Academy Graduation

Eventually Kenchi's skills far outclass a students skills as his power level had increased from putting his


body through tournament after his defeat with Tenjiro he had become so fixated on reaching his height. Kenchi trained as the sun came up till the sun went down, till the sun came up his chakra having been pushed to the brink of their limits he was going off sheer will power and adrenaline. Having spoken to Jema and Meisa his goal only become more pushed as he never wanted Jema to see him loose. Kenchi fought through vicious pain with each swing of his katana. His hands felt numb as if they were broken covered in bruises, scrapes, and blisters that had popped and became bloody. His body was still in pain from Tenjiro's assault and his legs felt as though they carried the weight of the world and it was about to crumble. Eventually Jema moved in close to Kenchi's face were he would be fixated on her lips, confused and distracted. Jema blew out some purple gas that would knock Kenchi out when he woke up he was in a strange bed he saw Jema walking around the house but

didn't have the guts to approach her, she was gone out the house allot so Kenchi used the books she had laying around the house to study and heal. He wouldn't be bed ridden to long thanks to Jema's medcine but he would just travel to the library to study more, when he had fully healed he showed the jounin teaching academy course that day the length of his training and the jounin was in shock of how far he had come in a short time giving him his headband and upgrading his status as a Genin shinobi.

Genin Life Edit

Acolyte of Hachiman Edit

After learning of the twin gods Kenchi had declared that Omoikane was the far more just god as he had preached peace and prosperity while he believed Hachiman the bringer of war and calamity. Having thought this he voiced his concern to Mizaki. Mizaki convinced Kenchi that you can use something even as violent as calamity god as positive force. Kenchi never thought about things this way and perhaps that if more people thought like Mizaki in times of old instead of murdering tyrants they could of changed them into a positive force and end the cycle. Kenchi wanted to beable to use such a force for good so he joined the Devout followers of Hachiman

(C-Rank) The Fishy Genjutsu Edit

A Jounin summoned Kenchi, Hoshiko, Asuga, and Anzu at the front gate. Kenchi stopped training and


A Fishy Genjutus (C-rank)

dashed towards the gate as he had got the message thinking it may be important. Reportedly there was a bridge that had been having cases of missing people reports for anyone who dares cross it the four were sent out to investigate the threat. Anzu a Chunnin and Kenchi's former class teacher was to lead the mission. They began their travel to the southern region of the land of fire. Kenchi ran aside Hoshiko whom he knew from training though with his conversation with that random women he thought he was kind of goofy. As for Asuga he would think back to the training excerise that he fought side by side next to her and figured that was at least okay even if he hated her. As they approched the target there were two bridges the team had to split up in two. Kenchi hoped he would not be stuck with Asuga but of course he was cursed and was stuck with Asuga as Anzu Uchiha, which he just discovered she was a kinsmen to his own people, had ordered it. As Kenchi was preparing to leave with Asuga, she had declared she wanted to go alone, kenchi not wanting to go with her would think that she could die but then he didn't want to argue with her because that wouldn't really be the worse thing in the world, one less Asuga would benefit the world he would think. Hoshiko, kenchi, and captain Anzu would travel to the bridge together their approching a tree to scout the bridge out. The plan was as followed Hoshiko and Kenchi would double back around to the bridge and casually walk up to the bridge to act as decoys should their be anything wrong Anzu would jump in. So Kenchi and Hoshiko walked up to the bridge were they would exchange conversation about Hoshiko's conversation with The Lady of the Hokage and before you know it they made it to the bridge and the snakes attacked. After cutting several of them down Kenchi noticed wierd behavior jumping to the conclusion that perhaps they were the people that were missing telling Asuga to stop killing them but Asuga ordered them to kill them. Anzu ordered them back, so kenchi followed her instructions and got behind her as more snakes appeared from the water, Anzu used her powers to slice them up with her wind fan killing an amazing fifteen of them with one blow. Kenchi would close his eyes before finishing his hand signs and shooting lightning onto his blade creating his first ever ligthning blade jutsu, he would then swing it around killing as many snakes as survived Asuga's fireball jutsu and Hoshiko's attack. The snakes kept doubling as they were cut down and thus it became an impossible victory while Kenchi and Hoshiko backed out the battle Anzu and Asuga kept killing them despite this until a snake came out eating all the snakes and becoming a massive snake. The snake was then attacked by Asuga and gas appeared out choking her. Hoshiko tried to lend support but it wasn't any help against it that even Anzu's genjutsu would work. Hoshiko and Kenchi backed out and discussed strategy while the two chunnin attacked it relentlessly. Moments later Anzu came running over releasing them from the genjutsu. Kenchi not having been put in a genjutsu required Hoshiko to forcefully push him out which caused kenchi to strike him out of relax. The group then followed a scent and dead fishes to a hut to attempt to find the genjutsu caster. As they approached it Asuga used her Dojutsu to peer into the hut still anger about being tricked by the genjutsu user she had found a young girl eating a leaf and give workers tied up inside a tent. As Asuga explained that she wanted to be sent in Kenchi had demanded for a better plan as he didn't believe their plan was good last time and caught them in a genjutsu. Anzu explained there plan was fine last time and that Asuga was the only one that could it kenchi still believed there was a better plan then letting Asuga smash around. However, the plan was that Asuga would go and the others would watch from afar. Asuga charged in beating up the old man making the little girl cry and scream. The workers who were tied up were happy to see them but tried to say something though their mouths were gagged. Asuga remained on the man while Anzu assest the situation having entered the tent and removing the gags of the worker. They thanked Anzu for their release and left disobeying Anzu's order to explain things to Hoshiko but he stopped them to interrogate them, while Kenchi watched from a distant waiting further orders. While in the tent still Asuga forcefully held the man down as tight as she could slamming him on the ground suppressing him. Kenchi thought of all the things that occurred thus far feeling nothing added up to the snake genjutsu, the trial of dead fishes, and the captives just sitting there, then again he wasn't speaking to the man anzu was integrating so all he could do was watch. Hoshiko eventually let the man he was holding from leaving go. Anzu was still trying to arrest the man inside the tent and ended up having to place him in a genjutsu using her sharigan, The team walked back to the gates as the mission had been resolved. Kenchi knew one thing he didn't like genjutsu and having his mind messed with. After which the man was taken into custody while the little girl was taken to get help a C rank mission had been complete.

Military Academy: Ninjutsu Edit

Having come to learn more from the academy as a genin the course Anzu was teaching this day was of Ninjutsu. However, this course was different as it was mostly just learning of the basics and the powers obtainable by Shinobi. Kenchi knew most the things that were said however having learned that Asuga is a lightning release user as well that is able to maintain lightning around her hand and then discharge it without exploding something made him realize he was lacking in prowess still. Having sat next to a student named Kuno he mostly kept quiet during this class and allowed students like Shuichi Yuki, Azaki Yuki, Kuno, and some other student he'd never seen before who was also quiet and went under his visibility.

Hokage Run In Edit

Having met with Jema atop the gate roof he came to apologize for everything that he put her through when he was training, however, unlucky for them the hokage was passing by and shouted for them to remove themselves from the roof. Having come down and Kenchi not knowing who he was at first he was being disrespectful but Jema explained who he was and Kenchi attempted to change his tone. Kenchi however couldn't sit by and let even the hokage scold Jema, he shouted that it wasn't her fault she was on the roof it was his own and the hokage didn't take kindly to his outburst thinking he was a disrespectful shinobi who didn't know his place. The Hokage demanded Kenchi to kneel and kenchi refused till he saw Jema get down on her knees. Feeling guilty jema had to do it because he would not Kenchi got down on his knees as he looked to this man who he compared to the tyrants of the war torn ages before the leaf village.

Will of Fire Edit

Discovering from Mizaki that one can draw out more motivation and thus gain power if they accept or obtain a reason for continuing or rather a "Will" Kenchi now seeks the answer to what his driving force can be.

Kenchi has frequently used Jema's eyes as motivation to move forward and keep on fighting even when your hands are bloody, your legs are crumbling, and your body is broken. He desires for those eyes never to see him weak and pitiful such a thing is unthinkable so he'll push himself beyond his current capabilities.

"Her eyes, Crimson, red- like blood... the purest form of red you'll ever see- it's everlasting, beauty- eternal... Crimson-red, like a rose that never dies, like war or untamed rage- pure red like the Sharingan."

Personality Edit

Normal State Edit

While living day to day Kenchi is quite anti-social and tends to avoid conversations. Though rare it is not unlikely that someone will peek his curiosity and he will participate in a conversation. Kenchi is well mannered and respectful however at the same time can be shown to be distant. His well spoken manners grants him a special way with words that is nearly poetry. Kenchi can be quite romantic should he desire to be however it is rare that he feels in the mood for such a feat not really grasping the concept of love. It is quite easy to make him get flustered he only needs to be in front of a beautiful moment and he will react accordingly. In a battle he is calm and collected but extremely focused on the desired out come. Not having fought along side friends he sees no greater task then completion of the mission despite the allied lives lost and holds no worth in those he fights alongside with. To Kenchi it is all about honor and self preservation.

Overtime Kenchi has become extremely motivated on strength in the pursuit to lower the gap between him and others giving his all to become the best. To this extent however he is willing to pay any physical cost to his body so long as he can get to were he needs to be however he has made an exception for Jema telling him to take a break after the incident she had to drag him back to her house.

Lost State Edit

While Kenchi can be calm and collected it is when he looses all control to rage and trauma that he looses the value of life and will attempt to harm anyone in his way. No more does words have anything to do with how he carries himself he is cold, cruel, and deadly. This has only occurred once before when he had ran his mother through with the knife that she was attempting to murder him with. While this is activate Kenchi can tap into his sharingan and natural Uchiha talent because of this barrier however it is tricky for him to be skilled while not in a complete state of 'loss'. Fact of the matter is while in this state it doesn't matter if your friend or foe if your in his way, you die. Rendering him unconscious seems to fix the lost state however any trauma that he had endured seem to haunt him as mental trauma in the form of nightmares.

Appearance Edit

Kenchi Uchiha

White Silver Hair that falls down his shoulders a trait that is likely given to him by his father as his mother had the common black Uchiha hair coloration. Grey eyes as cold as the winter snow when glaring astray however they seem kind when he is amidst a conversation. A scar on his eye lid that was given to him by one of the six cuts his mother had stabbed him with the rest are on his torso and back. Kenchi often wears black and white clothes as to symbolize balance finding that the color blends well with each other and that it's meaning is even more beautiful.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Sun Ai Uchiha Edit

Kenchi's Mother Sun Ai uchiha was once kind but that kindness had been slowly lost due to her state of depression that eventually caused her to hate her child. What Kenchi remembers is that his mother was abusive and he remembers that he was the cause of her death though he doesn't understand or remember all the details.

From what Kenchi can remember of living home he thinks back to a distant and cold women with eyes that seem to have been filled with regret and remorse. He tends not to dwell on the past to long or else it upsets him.

Friends Edit

Jema Jetsuki Edit

Jema is a Liberian at the Konaha library, a acolyte of Hachiman, a genin ranked shinobi, and lastly an


aspiring Teacher. Seeing someone who has many goals and responsibilities in their life really gave Kenchi pause as he didn't think he was doing all that much with his life. Connecting with her intellect and kind nature he often thinks about her when he is simply bored or training aspiring to one day be as she is in terms of skills and goals. He learned a bit about Hachiman through her and received a text book to learn more of the religion and deity as a whole. He offered her flowers as a premature present for her pending victory in the Chunnin exam's that she had to take the next day. He shows quite an interest in Jema and likely will keep her close wanting to reach her strength so that he can fight alongside her.

However it would seem that Jema lucked out in the exam and ended in failure. Attempting to consul her of her loss he believes he made it worse as she had become more distant to him and so he decided to keep his distant and give her the space she needed. He wondered how he would feel if he lost in something he was confident he was going to win. He felt bad that he kept saying she was going to win and the event ended the way he did, I suppose this is what guilty felt like he would ponder.
Finally relieved that he managed to speak to her and she approached him at that he felt allot of his worries had been put to rest when she explained she was just distressed of loosing the chunnin exams. After talking to her again Kenchi realized that whenever he spoke to her he felt as though his heart was pumping faster then it normally would and that he would often be at a loss for words, not knowing what this meant he wanted to know more about why he felt this way when he was around her. Needless to say he prefers when she's talking to him then ignoring him, he wants to close the gap between their power so that he can fighting alongside her he thought, but in reality he really only wanted her to acknowledge him and maybe see him as something that's not beneath her level.

When the battle course ended Kenchi had gone into harsh training mode, his hands and body was broken, bloody and hurt despite this he continued to train passed his limitations by far. Jema would urge him to stop training many times over but he refused to listen. It took Jema using her ninjutsu to knock him out and take him to her home for him to get rest. While sleeping Kenchi would think of her crimson eyes.

"Crimson like blood, red, red so pure- the purest thing I've ever seen... so beautiful, it's everlasting- red, crimson, like a rose, like a Sharaigan"

In this moment the thoughts and emotions he felt for her in his dreams would activate his already awakened Sharaigan, despite only one tomoe being seen infact there were now two signaling his eye had evolved some. She took care of his wounds and allowed him to sleep his pain away.

Having had a sparing match with Jema made him realize he was improving in skill but still out match by her own prowess.. He believed that she was above anything he could reach and pushed himself harder to get stronger. As they were training Kenchi would fall ontop of her, lost in her eyes, she used this moment to bash his heads with two kunai and knock him out. Kenchi understood that Jema is pretty merciless. Having being woken up Kenchi practiced a new jutsu on her by pulling out a water bottle and shouting "Water Style: Water Bottle Jutsu" and tossing the water in the bottle in her face, they laughed.

Fuma Hyuuga Edit

Fuma is a martial artist through and through he has the spirit of a warrior and his youth is well spent however he was a sheltered boy and because of that he can be pretty naive and simple for lack of a better word. Easily swayed to believing the wrong thing however he seems to have a kind and gentle heart but when he gets serious about fighting he becomes a viscous war hound ready to win.


Meeting with a young shinobi named Fuma whom which falls behind the intellectual level Kenchi introduces himself as Uchiha yet the boy doesn't know much of the clan. Pushing out a more comical side of himself he explains the Uchiha is the name of a bread and manages to convince Fuma that he is indeed a type of magical bread that has come to life thanks to the aid of Ninjutsu. Fuma challenges Kenchi to match in which they spare and Kenchi was victorious but the battle was nearly lost in the second round Kenchi couldn't keep up with his movements and understands more then ever there is room for improvement on his part.

Hoshiko Edit

After learning his secret technique Lightning Style: Lightning Stream Jutsu Kenchi was met with a young man named Hoshiko who applauded his feat on mastering his new found skill. The two would exchange banter of their feats on training and continue to train separately in the grounds.


Kenchi would notice a carefree spirit with Hoshiko that he seemed to be casually happy. Secretly Kenchi wished he could imitate his happy behavior into his casual look as he knew it was lacking in comparison, however, such a thought gave rise to more thoughts that perhaps happiness can not be imitated and that one most achieve happiness to appear truly happy he wondered what would bring him truly happiness then he wondered if Hoshiko was really happy or was he only pretending to be while much was unanswered Hoshiko did interest him.

The two constantly exchange friendly banter while they meet for training though they rarely train together they often are together but in separate places. Only time will tell if a friendship will develop.

Miesa Edit

Meeting Miesa in class as she was on his team and held the scroll he thought she was mostly quiet and shy and didn't really pay her no mind. After even discovering that she was Jema's friend he just thought she was some quiet girl but while training Miesa could see the fondness Kenchi had for Jema and saw right through his heart. Later they would go to class together and participate in the battle course though they didn't fight both did loose and caught up with each other in the training grounds. Miesa was worried about Kenchi's wounds and even exchanged words with Tenjiro of the matter. When confronting Kenchi about it kenchi explained he didn't want Jema to find out he lost to Tenjiro so badly. Unlucky for Kenchi however Jema heard it from him as he tried to explain it to Miesa. Frustrated by this Kenchi pushed his body passed it's limits, Miesa was one of the friends that frustratingly told him to stop.

Kenchi thinks Miesa is a sweet girl and shy, a good friend and he respects her allot.

Mizaki Edit

Kenchi had heard of Mizaki prior to meeting Jema as he went to the library to such through shinobi's who


were extremely well versed in kenjutsu that is how he heard of Mizaki, the legendary master swordsmen and leader of the devoted to Hachiman. When Kenchi met Jema and she had began speaking of Mizaki he would pretend not to have known him as it would make him seem like a loser having studied someone he was a fan of. Kenchi was excited to meet him but as they approached the temple he was not there as jema and Kenchi went their separate ways he ran into Mizaki on the street. Mizaki would ask him to join his order and Kenchi would ask for time to learn of Hachiman and the twin gods. Mizaki also departed wisdom down to Kenchi that he would require a 'will' and once he has that he will be able to drive himself past prior limitations. Kenchi aspired to be someone like Mizaki, cool, collected, and really 'bad ass' in his own words. When Kenchi looked to Mizaki it in sheer respect and admiration he believed that Mizaki was the true symbol of what it was like to be strong. When Kenchi had been training to the brink of death he came across Mizaki and Mizaki told him that he needed to take studying seriously of Hachiman Kenchi was sad to disappoint him but he had to for Jema's sake he would think though of course that it was wrong to not listen to Mizaki. After he had woke up on Jema's bad having collapsed due to Jema's ninjutsu he began reading everything after a few days of healing he found Mizaki and gave him his thoughts of Hachiman and the twin gods. Having had cleared up Kenchi's doubt Kenchi joined to learn how to use something as violent as a war gods power in a positives way.

Anzu Uchiha Edit

Anzu Uchiha, Kenchi's Academy teacher and military trainer as a genin, was a skilled Shinobi one in which Kenchi was excited to see was an Uchiha as he didn't see many of the Uchiha clan in higher ranks in the village. Kenchi looked to Anzu in an awe that she would have become a Chunnin and was able to teach the future of the leaf village. Kenchi however doesn't like Asuga and Anzu together and believes Asuga is simply a bad influence however the fact remains that he respects her teaching methods and admitly has desired to talk to her about learning fireball jutsu as he had no parents to guide him to learn it as other Uchiha's have had but ultimately Kenchi is to ashamed that he is an Uchiha who can't utilize fireball jutsu and she had even obtained her Shariagan. Kenchi was partnered with her in a mission that became known as a Fishy Genjutsu (C-rank mission) in which they were placed in a genjutsu if not for Anzu they all would of been locked in the genjutsu and defeated. Kenchi attends military training as he still desires to learn what he can from Anzu while he has a chance to.


Enemies Edit

Asuga Hyuuga Edit

Having met Asuga when he was sitting with Shadmaru and talking over the Chunnin exams his impression of her wasn't all that much. She ignored him the majority of the conversation and he really didn't pay much attention to her. It was when he was telling a civilian who was tagging on a wall to get lost that he overheard yelling from the house near by, the voice belongs to asuga, the shout echoed outside something about catching her girlfriend cheating. Kenchi left far from the house as it wasn't his business but ran into her much later in the day and didn't know how to approach her by simply saying hey it's you she would then replay with vulgar shouts that would ultimately force kenchi to tell her that things could be allot worse. Asuga walked away and they wouldn't see each other again, besides running into each other here and there around the village, till the team building excessive in which they were on the same team as Asuga was assisting as a chunnin. Kenchi couldn't believe someone like her could become a chunnin while someone as beautiful and intelligent as Jema could fail, he believed the exams must be ridged if she could become chunnin and Jema couldn't. Though he was reluctant about fighting side by side with her he would assist her in fighting back Tenjiro and knocking the scroll out of his hand however it was a futile attempt as they still lost he acknowledged that she was strong though he still was disgusted with her behavior.

Tenjiro Hyuuga Edit

Having first seen Tenjiro when he came across Asuga for the first time while speaking to Shadmaru he noticed his cold grim look, having hated the look because it reminds him of when he's alone and has to look at his own reflection. Kenchi knew all to well what it was like to look at the world with cold eyes, and he didn't want to be reminded of it when he looked at Tenjiro. They met again in the training course of team building, Asuga and Kenchi used a combination attack to repel Tenjiro back and drop a scroll they required to pass but tenjiro protected it long enough to win despite dropping it. As they discussed what they had learned he expected Tenjiro to give a response that he didn't learn anything and more or less his response was just about right. Meeting again in the second round of the battle course he fought him in mortal combat. Charging in he would be immediately outmatched with Tenjiro's physical prowess and speed. Kenchi would send attack after attack only for Tenjiro to dodge or block it. Being struck with an air palm, kenchi would keep his distants wearing down his dojutsu however when tenjiro ran towards Kenchi, kenchi had no choice but to charge in, being struck with another air palm he would get a hit smack on tenjiro's face, to then slash tenjiro's face wanting only to wound him if only slightly. Tenjiro finished him off with 16 palms. Kenchi ended up in the hospital to recover from his injures lucky nothing permanent was damaged.

Abilities Edit

Kenjutsu Edit

Kenjutsu: Sword Art Edit

Considered a B-class Kenjutsu user he has always shown promise in Kenjutsu beyond what he is considered. An Uchiha whom had trained him with Kenjutsu teaching him the basic arts had commented that it seemed as though he carried the blood of a samurai as he was a natural with the art and seemed to be the only thing he was good at.

Recently Kenchi has pushed his Kenjutsu beyond their limitations surpassing what he learned by years in mere days. Mixing his ninjutsu art and lightning nature type with his blade he has truly improved as a swordsmen ninja.

Sword Art is what Kenchi ended up dubbing his style of sword play and Nintaijutsu together he has always been fond of his silver hair and grey eyes so he named most of the skills he performed silver etc. He desires to create one of the strongest form of sword styles mixing any and all arts into one for his own unique fighting abilities.

Sword Art: Silver Cut Edit

Kenchi learned this technique as a standard technique to cut down his enemies focusing his chakra into his blade he swings with deadly precision. Learning the technique when he was 12 years old training with a blade with the Uchiha's that would teach him the basics.

Later he developed it into 'Silver Cut' which became more powerful in use with the rest of his Kenjutsu Sword art. The move is normally an opener but in a quick reflex it can be used as a Finisher.

Sword Art: Silver Flash Edit

While training in the Kohana training ground with Kunomatsu's and he aided Kenchi in developing a new skill while they were training. Kenchi noticed how fast Kuno was moving and knew he wasn't on his level of speed as a ninja so he wanted a burst skill that might help him move at a higher speed for a limited amount of time, he used his chakra to both leap and sprint making it appear as though he was moving at nearly five times his speed but this was only due to how fast he would be going from how slow he was going previously. The skill is intended to catch up to an enemy and strike them several times dubbing this skill silver flash.

Sword Art: Silver Blade Multi Strike Edit

Training has become a daily hobby of Kenchi's pushing his blade to new heights he would muster his chakra into his hands increasing the speed of his cut, with what appears to be a single strike is actually a barriage of strikes heading towards a target all at once this skill was dubbed Silver Blade Multi Strike.

Sword Art: Precision Strike Edit

Kenchi utilize his fast movements as an uchiha to get in close often used to dodge an attack and go underneath a blow to get close enough to thrust his blade into their body. While the technique itself is quick and fast moving it lacks physical power on it's own. Learning this technique as he continued to train tirelessly to close the gap he feels he has with every other shinobi.

Sword Art: Silver Flash Swirling Blow Edit

While fighting a shinobi named Ochigura in a team building excersice he noticed a single skill wasn't enough to strike an enemy a combo of moves or a series of moves is required. Following through with his silver flash Strike he moves at an alarming speed and then strikes the enemy should the enemy counter he will switch to dodging it in performing a hand stand before rotating his body as he would with his Uchiha swirl attack the combination of the two created Sword Art: Silver Flash Swirling Blow.

Sword Art: Silver Precision Slash Edit

As he learned to mix skills from his fight with Ochigura he sought to improve other skills. He took the speed he would use from his precision Strike and his strength from his silver slash to create a new more powerful skill that ultimately eclipsed both moves. Kenchi moves towards the target calculating quickly a vulnerable point in which it would be difficult for them to dodge, while within that ranged he strikes precisely in that location as he would with precision strike however quickly then shifting into a slash instead of a thrust he puts more power on the blade as he would with his Silver slash attack and thus he would instead inflict Sword Art: Silver Precision Slash.

Sword Art: Samurai's Dash Edit

Having read of the Samurai in his history text book Kenchi had mimic'd an ability he had read about making it his own were he puts his feet onto the ground and nearly chakra leaps forward however the leap is far more focused and precise becoming a dash, while in this dash he can control movements making it so that he can still dodge or counter. The attack isn't made for simply offense but is able to pull off such feat if the user desired it to be.

Sword Art: Silver Lightning Blade Edit

As he was out on a mission with Hoshiko, Asuga, and Anzu he was faced with fightning an army of snakes covered in water knowing lightning is more effective he began trying to utalize his lightning style: Lightning stream jutsu but knew it would only kill one or two at best, he looked to his sword and used the fruits of his training after his defeat with Tenjiro and his new found Chakra control to shock his own blade, the blade began to light up and thus was created his silver lightning blade technique however he can not maintain this for long but it's swing is very effective. As this technique uses lightning style and chakra control it is a taxing ability to use but because it compliments his kenjutsu with his ninjutsu it is an extremely dead ability.

Dojutsu Edit


Can only activate while in lost state however his sharingan is as cold and grim as the state would imply however he is unaware that he is able to manifest his sharingan as of yet.

Due to his lack of control he is not able to use the sharingan in an effective way and it is entirely unknown to him what abilities and skills he has gathered due to it.

While in Jema's care he evolved his eyes having a vivid dream of wanting to protect jema now having the two tomoe sharingan. The emotions he felt for wanting to be with her and her crimson eyes that he had become attached to desired him to see it again though once again he has no knowledge of using the power though Jema does know he has the ability to use it.

Taijutsu Edit

Learning simple skills here and there he has learned to not master Taijutsu but use it so that it compliments his Kenjutsu Sword Art style.

Uchiha Swirl Edit

Moving onto his hands he would spin his legs around kicking a target sending them flying back with a powerful round house, after which he hoist himself back up normally pulling out his blade if he should have sheathed it.

Slam Edit

Kenchi jabs his elbow into someone's hands and then uppercuts them stopping them from casting hand signs and ending a jutsu. This feat is managed by using his left hand while normally holding his blade on his right to quickly counter should it fail or combo should it succeed.

Beatdown Edit

Beatdown a skill Kenchi invented to stagger an enemy is a simple strike with the hilt of his blade and swinging with the back hand of his free arm. The skill is intended to be combo'd with various other Sword art skills.

Ninjutsu/Nintaijutsu Edit

Lightning Release Edit

After being defeated by Fuma Kenchi would seek out new techniques notices that his Kenjutsu would not be enough he needed more variety then simply swinging his sword.

Returning to the lake as we would normally to practice his fireball jutsu and failing as he always would decides to change it up seeing people practicing lightning release bearing the symbol of Uchiha. He would focus on the basics that he was taught in class and then manifest it into his hand it wasn't great but it was enough he had an infinity to use lightning release.

Lightning Style: Crippling Bite Jutsu Edit

Sending down lightning static down his arms in the form of a lightning serpent he releases that lightning onto his target paralyzing him, using this technique best suited when he needs to shock or paralyze his enemies so he can utilize his stronger Lightning Stream or allow his sword cuts to have his victim bleed out a bit longer while not a impressive feat it still compliments his sword art.

Lightning Style: Static Cast Jutsu Edit

By releasing lightning into his hand and grasping it the energy forms a ball, by then pointing his hand at a direction and opening his palm he fires a lightning bolt at a desired target this was the step up from learning lightning release he learned earlier that day. He uses it as a ranged attack to compliment his quick Kenjutsu movements. Additionally he has learned to channel it down his blade and fire it out the tip of his sword.

Lightning Style: Lightning Stream Jutsu Edit

Harnessing lightning release down the edge of his blade he releases it though this skill is time taxing he is able to release a powerful shock against an enemy from the tip of his blade. the skill itself falls down from the hilt down the blade like a stream before he slashes with his blade and the stream of lightning shocks it's victim.

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