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• 10/26/2016

Can I Help?

I really like what you've got here!  I've been looking for a fun-looking 'Naruto' MMORPG that's come this far in its development for years.  I'm really excited about this and am hoping to ensure that this project becomes the best that it can be as quickly as possible.  To this end, I would like to offer any and all of my services that you feel would be beneficial to the project.

I'm a college student studying both computer science and ancient Roman history.  As such, I have skills in coding, analysis, problem-solving, writing (my non-formal writing is better than this, I swear), and editing almost anything.

Since I have such an interest in this project, I am perfectly willing to do the menial tasks that you don't want to do and/or don't have the free time to do.

In terms of my coding skills, I've focused mostly on C++ recently, but I also have a good amount of experience with MATLAB, HTML, CSS, and DreamMaker.  I'm also somewhat proficient with C# (that's what I tend to use when I'm playing around with Unity) and Java.  I'm loosely familiar with JavaScript and PHP.  I am confident in my ability to learn and/or increase my proficiency in any language needed since all of the aforementioned languages except for MATLAB and C++ are self-taught.

While I feel that my primary skills lie in the writing of original code, I do also have experience with editing/debugging code written by others.

My passion (within the area of game development) lies mostly in building the infrastructure upon which game mechanics are built, I'm willing to perform just about any task you need done (so long as I have or can obtain the skills necessary to perform said task).  I like to think of myself as a function that takes inputs of ramen, caffeine, alcohol, and an unsolved problem and outputs the solution to that problem.

If there is anything you want to delegate to me, just let me know!  My email address is

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• 11/2/2016
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